Over the years, Rainbow has had to diversify its core business. Rainbow established itself during the 90’s arranging finance and mortgages for its clients.
Since expanding the group, Rainbow has transformed into leaders in the insurance tech service industry, including building the technology for a non-standard insurance platform - the first of its kind. From acting as your contact centre, to supplying you with a front-end insurance solution, Rainbow is here to help your business in many different ways.
We’re a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
One thing’s for sure though: We’re a company who delivers a professional, quality lead generation service with a friendly, motivated contact centre – all here to help drive your business forward.

Rainbow Connected

The UK's Leading Contact Centre
Rainbow Connected’s sole focus is on the contact of the data.
Previously, businesses would manage the whole process; contacting, quoting and retaining their customers. With so many procedures in place, it meant they were slower to contact their data.
Rainbow’s bespoke C2C system and team of agents has revolutionised this process and it’s made them no.1 at what they do.


Non-Standard Insurance Aggregator
Kompare has created a dynamic website to revolutionise the non-standard insurance industry.
After completing a short application form, Kompare’s innovative technology enables an applicant to receive an instant online quotation, tailored specifically to their needs within moments of application - the first of its kind in the UK.
On top of customers finding cheaper insurance, brokers are able to purchase Kompare’s leads.


Kwoter was created to enhance, revolutionise and streamline the non-standard Insurance sector.
We have developed a bespoke software that enables brokers to enter an applicant details ‘just once’ and return tailored prices from the underwriter schemes available to them instantly.
The software has been developed been developed to also be a complete front-end solution. You have the ability to utilise the diary management system, as well as being able to display targets.

Rainbow BG

The IT Team Behind Rainbow Group
Rainbow Group BG is the brains behind all of Rainbow’s technology and systems.
Based out of offices in Bulgaria, Rainbow BG are a software development and digital marketing company in the insurance and financial sector. They help put Rainbow’s ideas into action and work tirelessly around the clock to ensure we maintain our high-quality.
They’re the reason Rainbow remain no.1. They’re army behind our innovation.

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