lead generation

Leads are received in real time, focussing on generating hot leads with prospects that are in the market for your services, uncovering the opportunities that are of most value to your company now.

Some of the products/ markets that Rainbow UK currently provide leads in are: Motor Trade, HGV, Courier, Convicted / Drink Drivers, Taxi, Van, Fleet, Mini Bus, Motor Home, Caravan, Imported Car, Lady Drivers, Young Drivers, loans, mortgages, pensions, investments and debt help

lead RE-generation

In an industry where data is one of the most important assets for every company, brokers are faced with masses of leads that are made up of failed quotes, lapsed policies and renewals building up over the year. With time a precious commodity for every broker, trying to contact these leads proves very time consuming and not cost effective. After been approached by numerous brokers to ask if we could work this data for them, this gave us the idea to test the process out with our own extensive renewal data base. With the test being a great success we now have a team of advisers specifically trained at contacting these kinds of leads, who now do so, on a daily basis.

Having tested on our own data successfully, we are now taking in brokers own data to contact, transferring each customer over to them for a new quote when they would be due to take out a new policy. As the service is chargeable on a cost per transfer basis, it is a cost effective solution for every broker in the industry.

Products & Services

call centre

We are a UK based Call centre that offers a number of tailored services to the Insurance and finance Industry. With over 20 years of Call centre, finance and Insurance based knowledge we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading Call Centres in the UK.

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For over five years now Rainbow has been developing its own apps. Starting in the Insurance industry we quickly progressed into Finance. We have worked hard to provide both apps that help our customers and work well for our partners.

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lead generation

Rainbow UK is a lead generation company with an emphasis on lead quality, working closely with our clients to give them the best quality leads to convert into policy income. Allowing brokers to add filter requirements, thus enabling them to only receive the type of leads they know they can convert.

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