About Us

Welcome to the home of the Rainbow Group.

Over the years Rainbow has had to diversify its core business, establishing ourselves in the 1990`s as a brokerage handling company, arranging finance and mortgages for our clients. This continued throughout the new millennium but with the financial crash Rainbow had to quickly change direction or we wouldn`t be here today.

Realising that our biggest asset was the way we could generate leads or enquiries. Our unique selling point was that we knew how to find people on the web who wanted our products. So with 2008 meaning the brokerage had to go we started to concentrate on working for the brokers who were still around instead of being a broker ourselves.

Firstly we diversified into Insurance and generating enquiries for our clients. Insurance has always been more stable as it`s a law requirement so changing what products we generated took some time...it was two years in all before we had a viable business.

The years that followed 2008 were not easy but we kept our focus on solely generating leads that our clients wanted. Rainbow UK was born, a new digital media agency that was a full time lead generating company.

Our sole focus now was to supply our customers to the brokerages, as we as a company no longer had the facility to set up to arrange finance or organise insurance products. Our new aim was to generate a lead and pass it on to the lenders or Insurer`s, you could say the middle man, with our job being complete once we had passed on the enquiry.

This has allowed us to concentrate on new ways to find good quality customers for our clients. Today we have expanded and have another office in Europe, working throughout the world in different countries finding good quality leads over a number of different business sectors.

Our philosophy is simple find quality leads for our clients at affordable prices.

Products & Services

call centre

We are a UK based Call centre that offers a number of tailored services to the Insurance and finance Industry. With over 20 years of Call centre, finance and Insurance based knowledge we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading Call Centres in the UK.

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For over five years now Rainbow has been developing its own apps. Starting in the Insurance industry we quickly progressed into Finance. We have worked hard to provide both apps that help our customers and work well for our partners.

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lead generation

Rainbow UK is a lead generation company with an emphasis on lead quality, working closely with our clients to give them the best quality leads to convert into policy income. Allowing brokers to add filter requirements, thus enabling them to only receive the type of leads they know they can convert.

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